Tech Center   Types of Cages

One-Piece Steel Crown TypeThe   stainless steel pressed retainer is inner ring guided.It shows excellent   performance in low torque, low speed applications.
               JConsists of   two mating steel pressings, the cover side and the finger side.Usually guided   by the rolling elements and designed to reduce frictional torque.
Two-Piece Steel Rivet Type
               RJThe RJ type   cage is suitable for larger bearing with a high load carrying capacity.The   two pieces are riveted together and are strong enough to withstand higher   levels of vibration and acceleration.The retainer is guided by the balls and   reduces frictional torque.
Two-Piece   Steel Rivet Type
               VThis type of   bearing has no retainer but maximum possible number of balls.Due to the fact   that the inner and outer ring have a filling slot, the axial load carrying   capacity of the bearing type is low.This type of bearing is suitable for high   radial load,low speed appications.
Full   Complement Balls
               TWMoulded   nylon retainer reduces the fluctuation in running torque.Suitable for high   speeds.Guided by the rolling elements.
One-Piece Nylon Crown Type