Tech Center   Shields & Seals

Pressed Steel ShieldNon-contact shield   pressed into outer ring.Very little grease leakage and low ingress of   contaminants.
Steel Shield with Snap RingNon-contact   shield retained in outer ring.Low ingress of contaminants.Mainly  used for smaller or narrower bearings.
Teflon Seal with Snap RingTeflon seal   reinforced with glass fibre is retained in outer ring by snap ring.Low   ingress of contaminants.Mainly used for smaller or narrower bearings.Seal can   flex to accommodate internal pressure changes.
Contact Rubber SealRubber seal   fitted into outer ring.Light contact with inner ring,retains grease and   prevents ingress of external contaminants.
Rubber Seal
Non-contact rubber   seal fitted into outer ring,still provides effective sealing.